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Furniture removal and it's destination

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

So you are down sizing and getting ride of a bunch of furniture as a result. You feel bad about it simply being thrown away, and really would prefer it go to a good home. Well..this is an idea we certainly entertain! If you have a charity chosen that you would like to have the furniture delivered to then we would be more than happy to accommodate!

Otherwise..what do we do with this furniture if it is still in good condition? We are proud to take it either directly to a charity or otherwise a second hand store that donates a portion of the items reclaimed value to charity. By having these second hand stores, selling this furniture at steeply reduced costs over buying brand new from stores, is very healthy for our planet as it takes some of the need away for people to buy new, which in turn reduced the amount of necessary manufacturing.

The benefits are numerous:

1. Keeps the furniture out of the landfill

2. Allows it to live out it's useful life reducing waste

3. Reduces mining and manufacturing necessity.

4. Increases attainability of furniture for those on a budget and/or lower income house holds.

We can't feel good about what we do unless were doing it right. We all have our part to do in helping keep our planet green and viable, and as a Junk Removal company we have to lead by example!

Junk-To-Go Removal is always happy to help with the removal process, contact us today for a free quote: 204-290-5313.

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