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Some frequently asked questions to quickly get you the answers you're looking for!

Do you take items to donation for us?

We can certainly donate your items on behalf of you, to a center of your choosing.  Not all items may be accepted by the center, and as such these remaining items would then go to the landfill.

Do you offer pick-up and delivery service?

The simple answer is Yes, however the item has to be liftable by 2 persons, or a lift system has to be in place on both ends if not. As far as costs, we typically charge this out at a rate of $110.00/hour.

Why is a full service removal cheaper than a bin rental?

Some of our bin prices are more expensive than the full service treatment, and this is because less fuel and time is typically involved with the full service offering. Where the full service treatment becomes more expensive is in a situation where excessive foot travel is involved.

What if my stuff to be collected it far away from where the vehicle would park?

For this situation, we have a foot travel charge.  This is charged out at a rate of $55/half hour of time spent foot traveling the items from the pick up area to our truck/trailer.  We use a hand cart for efficiency in this process.

How much is the dump fee?

This fee is what the city landfill charges for disposal based exclusively on weight. As of 2023 the price is $89/tonne which breaks down to roughly $20 per 500lbs of weight. We estimate the weight for most loads and charge it up front. This way your only paying for what you have rather than a flat rate based on a 'high-average'.

How do I know which size trailer I need for my load?

Sometimes it's tricky to relate the volume of your disposables with the volume of our trailers.  If you're uncertain we typically show up with the largest trailer offering and pro-rate the load.  For example, if we show up in the 20 cubic yard trailer and your items only consumed half it's volume then you would only be charged for the 12 cubic yard trailer option (the closest applicable size offering).

Do you compact the items to consume less volume?

In some situations we will have to break items apart so that they take up less space.  We don't charge an extra fee to perform this extra work, however we charge for the estimated volume of the item's in their un-compacted state to compensate the extra work.  For example, if a load is determined to be a full load in the 20 cubic yard trailer but, after disassembly of applicable item's, the volume consumed was only 12 cubic yards then we would still charge the 20 cubic yard trailer rate.

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