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residential snow clearing


Winnipeg Snow Clearing

Hello, my name is Brendon Rebillard, owner operator of Junk-To-Go Removal and Snow-To-Go Removal. In the winter months we offer residential snow clearing services, and have been doing so since 2008! We offer competitive rates, quick effective service, and unlimited visits. We operate on a month to month basis, however there are no contracts to sign, so you can cancel at anytime.

Our Service Area:


This tight area allows us to move quickly through our route, providing a nice and quick response time, without us having to rush at the expense of quality.

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For peace of mind we offer a tracking system via our Instagram feed. We periodically post updates with anticipated snow falls, and when we plan to commence a cleaning. This is so you, the valued customer, are not left in the dark wondering if and when we are coming. This also allows you to make preparations to have the driveway clear of vehicles so we can do a more thorough and efficient cleaning.

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2023 2024 Prices 1.jpg

*See FAQ for more info.  These are pre-season prices.  Rates will go up 2 weeks prior to season start.

Prices subject to GST. Most driveway and walkway types will fall into one of the above packages, however these prices are only a guideline so please call/email for an exact quote, free of charge!


What is considered a Small/Medium and Large Driveway?

A small/medium driveway is considered to be one that can fit no more than 4 cars. The most common format being 2 car widths wide and 2 car lengths deep. A large driveway would be one that accommodates ~6 cars. The most common format there being a three car widths wide and 2 car widths deep.

What is considered a Small/Medium and Large Walkway?

Generally a walkway that is walk-able in single fill is a small/medium (most common). A longer walkway that can accommodate persons walking side-by-side is considered large - however, if still relatively short in distance, is still considered small/medium. The big deal here is wind drifts - larger walkways can require more time to clean during snow events accompanied by heavy winds.

Snow ridge cleaning?

In some rare cases, following a city provided residential street cleaning, there will be a ridge of snow-pack left behind that their equipment missed or didn't thoroughly clean.  The city is obligated to fix this neglect (exceptional to back alleys), initiated by a call to 311.  However the service response time could potentially prove detrimental.  We can clean these up at a rate of $40 per clean-up.  If you don't plan on taking care of this yourself it's a good idea to have us come out as quickly as possible before it's trafficked - as this could potentially cause the issue to become irreversible.

What is priority same day service, and how quickly do we arrive after a snow fall?

Our response time is same day or next day in the event of a late in the day snowfall. For example: If a snow event ceases at 1:00pm, we would start and complete the route that same day.  However if a snow event ceases in the evening then we would start the route first thing in the morning with a completion that same day.  If there is a strong wind that accompanies the snowfall then we would wait out this wind so our cleaning effort isn't reversed by blowing snow.  In the event of an extreme blizzard the completion time may be delayed.

Want to know when we will come?

We have a live tracking system via our Instagram page so that our customers are informed when we plan to start our route.  We also send out emails to alert as well.

What do we use to clear with?

We use a mixture of snow blowers and a pickup truck with a driveway friendly snow plow, as well as hand shovels. 

How is payment made, any contract to sign?

No contracts what so ever, you can cancel at anytime. Payment can be made via pre-authorized credit card payments, or post-dated cheque's.

Is the snow cleaned right down to the cement?

That is the number one mission! However, a perfect driveway requires a bit of attention on the home owner as noted below. Our snow blowers as well as the snow plow are very effective at getting down to the cement in most cases, but the exception is excessive vehicle travel packing the snow into ice - so we try to get there as quickly after a snow event as we can, before much of this can happen!


Critical to note: If we haven't arrived yet and you want the best possible cleaning, it is necessary to restrict driveway vehicle travel as much as feasible to enable us to clean down to the cement, as we do not use ice scrapers as a rule.

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residential snow clearing
residential snow clearing
residential snow clearing
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residential snow clearing
residential snow clearing
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