Junk To Go Removal proudly provides bin a bin service in Winnipeg. We have many different sizes of trailers we drop off as ‘bins’ at job sites. Whether it’s for an estate clean out, demolition project, roofing project, construction debris, and/or your job site just needs a bin service to keep things tidy. They act as a bin but on wheels, so no damage to any surfaces! The beds sit only 2 feet off the ground so they are very easy to load! Additionally they all provide slide-out ramps!

Have a question about this service? Click HERE for a list of frequently asked questions and answers.

Our bin service starts with a choice of 4 sizes, which accommodate a wide range of project sizes. We provide a trailer to act as a bin rental, as they are essentially bin's on wheels. The deck height on all trailers is 2 feet, and all come with ramps.

Small Dump Trailer

12’ long x 7’ wide x 2’ high. – This unit is great for junk piles containing a few larger bulky items, such as extra-long items, or old counter tops.

~Capacity: 6 cubic yards ; 6,000 lbs

 *Excellent back alley access

Price: $145 + City Dump Fee

Medium Dump Trailer

12’ long x 7’ wide x 4’ high. – Our most popular size, this trailer offers up ample room for medium sized jobs, such as an entire fence and/or deck removal, or an estate clean-out.

 ~Capacity: 12 cubic yards ; 6,000 lbs

 *Excellent back alley access

Price: $185 + City Dump Fee

Large Dump Trailer

12’ long x 7’ wide x 7’ high. – This unique trailer packs a alot of volume in combination with a small footprint making it the ideal choice for job sites where access is limited such as a back alley parking pad.

~Capacity: 19 cubic yards ; 6,000 lbs

 *Excellent back alley access

Price: $225 + City Dump Fee

X-Large Dump Trailer

16’ long x 7’ wide x 5’ high. – Our largest option, this trailer is perfect for large jobs such as the removal of a garage demo, large estate clean-out, large deck and/or fence demo’s etc.

~Capacity: 20 cubic yards ; 15,000 lbs

*Limited back alley access, see 'Large Dump Trailer'

Price: $245 + City Dump Fee

Q: What is the 'Dumping Fee'?

A: This fee is what the city landfill charges for disposal based exclu/sively on weight. The cost is $78/tonne which breaks down to roughly $20 per 500lbs of weight. We estimate the weight for most loads and charge it up front. 

Q: How long do I get to keep the bin?

A: The price includes a duration of stay for 48 hours or 2 days. Additional days can be accommodated, based on availability, at a small additional charge ($10 - $20/day) depending on the size of bin selected.

Q: Do the bins have ramps for easy access?

A: Yes, all bins have ramps which are typically used for wheel barrows.

Q: Do the bins have gates at the back for easy access?

A: Yes, all sizes have gates that swing open barn-door style for very easy accessibility.


Trailer shown: 16’ long x 7’ wide x 5’ high

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