Full service removal, we do all the heavy lifting here! We have a number of different sized trucks and trailers for every size of job. Whether you have an old stove that needs to be removed, or an entire demo such as a garage that needs to be hauled away, we have the means to accommodate!

We can show up in one of five options depending on your needs:

6.5'x5'x2' = 2 cubic yards

Pickup Truck

6.5’ long x 5’ wide x 2’ high

This is an affordable choice for when you simply have a couple odd items such as a bbq or a couch that needs to go.

Capacity: 2 cubic yards ; 2,000lbs

Price: $75 + City Dump Fee

12'x7'x1.5' = 5 cubic yards

Small Dump Trailer

12’ long x 7’ wide x 1.5’ high

This is a popular choice for smaller general clean-ups such as a small reno project or garage clean-up.

Capacity: 4 cubic yards ; 2,000lbs

Price: $90 + City Dump Fee

12'x7'x4' = 12 cubic yards

Medium Dump Trailer

12’ long x 7’ wide x 4’ high


Our most popular size, this trailer offers up ample room for medium sized jobs, such as the average fence and/or deck removal, or a partial estate clean-out.

Capacity: 12 cubic yards, 6,000lbs

Price: $165 + City Dump Fee

12'x7'x4/7' = 19 cubic yards

Large Dump Trailer

12’ long x 7’ wide x 4/7’ high

This trailers packs a volumous punch with a small foot print - in other words it brings big time volume into tight space job sites.

Capacity: 19 cubic yards ; 6,000lbs

Price: $235 + City Dump Fee

16'x7'x5' = 20 cubic yards

X-Large Dump Trailer

16’ long x 7’ wide x 5’ high

Our largest option, this trailer is perfect for large jobs such as the removal of a garage demo, large estate clean-out, large deck and/or fence demo’s. etc. It's also capable of hauling heavy material such as mud, and rock.

Capacity: 20 cubic yards ; 15,000lbs

Price: $245 + City Dump Fee

City Dump Fee?

This fee is what the city landfill charges for disposal based exclusively on weight. The cost is $78/tonne which breaks down to roughly $20 per 500lbs of weight. We estimate the weight for most loads and charge it up front. This way your only paying for what you have rather than a flat rate based on a 'high-average'.


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