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After-Life of shingles

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Another item that is recyclable are asphalt shingles. There is an establishment inside the city that accepts and recycles shingles and, as a bonus, at a reduced cost versus the city landfill (which, as of the date of this posting, has no available means of recycling them).

There shingles get shredded down and then delivered to a plant where they are turned into asphalt for road ways - cool!! Your roofs covering can become the road your car travels on, or the pathway your feet walk about!

So another item we Always recycling is these asphalt shingles. We feel great about sparing the environment that little bit, and of course the added benefit of passing savings along to the customer!

Junk-To-Go Removal is always happy to help with the removal process, contact us today for a free quote: 204-290-5313.

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