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Serving Winnipeg Since 2008!

Winnipeg commercial Snow Clearing / Removal

We are happy to provide commercial snow clearing for parking lots. We use a pickup truck with a full hydraulic plow. Additionally we can provide the service of hauling the snow away with the use of a loader and dump trailer.

Our equipment: Pickup truck with 8 foot full hydraulic plow ; Skidsteer loader with 7 foot 1.5 cu.yd bucket ; 20 cu.yd 21K dump trailer. Take a look.

Snow Clearing only: For those looking for the snow to be pushed into a pile. Charges are set at an hourly rate established based on your needs, as every snow fall is different. We do not offer monthly contracts, but are very open to regular customers on an on-call basis.

Snow Loading/Hauling: We also offer the option of having the snow hauled away, whether you want us to load and haul the snow away after clearing it, or you have an existing pile of snow to be loaded and hauled away.

Snow Hauling: We can also simply show up in our 20 cubic yard trailer, if you have a loader and just need a haul away solution.

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