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Serving Winnipeg Since 2008!
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Snow Hauling Services!

Hello, my name is Brendon Rebillard, owner operator of Snow-To-Go Removal. In the winter months we offer snow hauling services, and have been doing so since 2008! We utilize both 20 and 12 cubic yard dump trailers with wireless operation for speed and efficiency. Offering competitive rates and flexible timing we are a great solution. We cater to any size of loader, packing the volume of a tandem axle dump truck at a much more accessible height.


X-Large Dump Trailer

16’ long x 7’ wide x 5’ high

Easily as much interior volume as a tandem, all while being loadable by a small skidsteer. This unit sits 2 feet off the ground, the very top of the sidewalls rest 7 feet off the ground. Being a triple axle unit it can hold as much weight as it can volume, allowing it to be fully loaded. There are skid steer ramps as well which allows very small machines to wheel/track up and load from inside.

Capacity: 20 cubic yards ; 15,000lbs

Price: $80/hour - 30 min travel in fee*

3 hour minimum charge*

Medium Dump Trailer

12’ long x 7’ wide x 3.75’ high

This is a great solution for very compact loaders that don't have a high reach. The top of the sidewalls sit 5ft 8in off the ground. 

Capacity: 11 cubic yards ; 8,500lbs

Price: $70/hour - 30 min travel in fee*

3 hour minimum charge*

*We start the clock when we first arrive on site and add on 30 min for our travel in time. We stop the clock when we leave the snow dump after dumping the final load. If combined time is less than 3 hours, we charge a flat rate of $240.00 (3hrs).

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